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DavidBCN / 2 weeks, 6 days ago / Snaxx in november?

Hey guys,

First of all, thanks a lot for re-opening!

Is there any possibility of a Snaxx party in November? If so, please add it to the calendar ASAP so we can start preparing our trip to Berlin :)


tomzefis / on 20/9/21 / open in October

hello is the regular parties back in october ?

Vlad / on 10/9/21 / folsom 2021

Anyone else here for some Folsom piss fun?

muuPar / on 12/8/21 / Hello everyone on this forum

Hello everyone on this forum - thanks.

My name is Mark and i am from luxembourg

best regards :)

slavepig1 / on 15/2/21 / piss party

Der beste Club, in dem ich je gewesen bin
Ihre Partys sind die besten

Matt84 / on 15/11/20 / re: curious

@Maximus92: Bi guy here. Lab is a great place to experiment sexually. However, if you've never been with a guy, it might not be the best choice. Everything is very "exposed" and while there are stalls for a little privacy, it's not really designed to be relaxing and intimate. It's more of a "the more the better" kind of place.

So for your first time, I'd recommend looking for someone on a platform like Gay Romeo (or even do it the old-fashioned way at a gay bar) once it's safe to do so again and meet at his or your apartment. Have him know it's your first time, especially if you're bottoming.

As a top, Lab might be okay because it's simply not as vulnerable a position to be in. Just be sure NOT to just ram it in and pay attention to the other guy's response. Some things are easier with guys, other things aren't. ;)

Have fun! And if you're planning not to use a condom (make up your mind about this BEFORE you go there!), get PreP and get regularly screened for STIs.

pissoir / on 13/11/20 / ich vermisse Lab

wann macht Lab wieder auf?

Berlindefined / on 27/10/20 / Maximus92

Hi there, of course you can go to Lab when you´re bi.

Maximus92 / on 13/10/20 / CURIOUS

Hope everyone is well. I have a question for the people here! Okay so if I was looking to have my first sexual experience with a guy (I'm bisexual...I think) would this be possible here? when it opens back up of course). Are there people that are up for this kind of stuff? Sorry it's probably a stupid question but i'm new to this! thanks

hotboi / on 15/9/20 / How is the OPENAIR party

Has somebody been there so far? Many people there?

LeatherUnicorn / on 8/9/20 / Miss you

I love Lab & I miss the darkness so much... men too

Berlindefined / on 31/8/20 / @MACK29

Lab is still closed

mack29 / on 13/8/20 / Is Lab open ?

has lab club opened please inform as i plan to visit Germany and Lab


so_ist_es / on 7/8/20 / Openair

I want to visit Lab today.. But I was wondering how long is it open in this Openair Event? is it 18-21 or they do Party there the whole night? thanks if someone would respond! :)

so_ist_es on Romeo ;) :D

fucker / on 21/6/20 / Re-Opening or End?

Are you ever to reopen the lab? The newest announcement seems to indicate, that a re-opening is not for sure? How can we help you?